Design and fast cars have long been my passion and as a child I dreamed of combining the two. I soon realised that car design was based on mass production whereas buildings and their sites are always a one-off, bringing new exciting challenges resulting in a different solution every time. At 16, I chose to train as an architectural technician working alongside architects in practices around Herefordshire. My holidays were spent working with my father, who was a curtain walling installer. While my friends were lying horizontal on a beach in Ibiza I was 30m in the air desperately holding on to a sheet of glass! The daily greenhouse effect meant I ended up with the better tan than them!

The combination of these experiences made me realise that I needed to return to education to fulfil my ambition to become an architect, and so the seven-year sentence to become qualified began. After graduating in 1996, I became a nomadic architect, gaining invaluable experience working in practices of various sizes throughout the country. I finally settled with my family in the southwest, where I became the lead designer at one of the largest practices in the area for over 10 years, eventually becoming one of the directors. Finally I am able to bring all of my experience to bear at my very own architectural pratice in Devon.

My vast experience covers a wide range of building types and magnitudes. The love and enthusiasm continues no matter how small the project is, and my conscientious eye for detail has allowed me to create stunning buildings within limited cost constraints. I feel very lucky to be in a career I love and be fortunate enough to have a family who tolerate my enthusiasm. My passion for fast cars lives on, although I have realised my preferred place is behind the wheel!